Stavanger’s Partiest Pub

Proud Mary – The pub reinvented. It is a modernised pub with the well-known cosy atmosphere and a unique soul. The Proud Mary Pub is your favourite pub, and much more! It’s the setting for a game with friends, celebrating different occasions and it’s the buzzing atmosphere that you want for your night out. It’s dancing on the tables, enjoying a beer at our terrace and meeting new people. It is for watching your favourite sports game and enjoying good company in a friendly atmosphere. It is for the great moments we enjoy with each other – and we guess that’s why Proud Mary is everyone’s favourite.

Summer at Proud Mary

Come join Proud Mary at the sunny terrace, where beers are cold, sun is shining and the Dj is getting the vibe buzzing. Our Summer programme is filled with beloved dj’s, live music, music battles and much more! Proud Mary is making sure this summer is one to remember!

– Stay tuned for the full summer program, and be ready for Stavanger’s best summer party!

What’s your mood?

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We are currently working on putting the perfect event calendar together, with both live music, music battles, beloved dj’s, music bingo and much more!

We’ll upload our event calendar as soon as possible – stay tuned for the full programme.
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Having a celebration?

Looking for  a place to throw your birthday, graduation party or something else? Don’hesitate to contact us, if you are planning a private event and need the perfect settings!

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